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  • Beyond the Realms Enchantails Map

Dive into the Enchantails Undersea World of Oceana

Dive deep beneath the shimmering surf to discover the fanciful ocean kingdoms of the Royal Mermaids. Feel the magic floating on the waves and frolic with cuddly creatures. Follow the mermaids into the Seven Seas and travel through every underwater realm to find your favorite. Fall in love with the ocean world. Inspired by real-life places around the globe, each merfolk kingdom features a unique fantasy culture - and a very special Royal Mermaid. Travel with us and explore the depths.
Explore Mariana Realm with Mermaid Story Books & Sleeping Bags

Mariana Realm

Join Royal Mermaid Tasi in this enigmatic world of frisky seahorses and sunken treasure ships. Be wowed by the underwater lights of bioluminescence - and find a spectcular hidden castle in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean.
Colorful Kumi Tai Realm with EnchanTails Mermaid Book

Kumi Tai Realm

Swim with dolphins between gemstone islands in Royal Mermaid Kelani's glistening paradise. Explore emerald green lagoons, black sand beaches, and rainbow-colored coral reefs teeming with tropical fish.
Go Adventuring in Grileglas Realm with Books About Mermaids

Grileglas Realm

See luminous blue glaciers and free-floating icebergs in Grileglas, the frosty kingdom of Royal Mermaid Lucienne. Swim with majestic whales to frozen hideaways in volcanic ice caves and mysterious underwater coves.