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  • Enchantails Lucienne Mermaid Grileglas Realm

See Beauty Within Grileglas with Fairytale Books About Mermaids

Discover a frozen wonderland where penguins cuddle, seals race, and whales dive deep beneath the waves. Welcome to the realm of the Royal Mermaid Lucienne, an ice-blue kingdom where glaciers and icebergs conceal magical secrets - like volcanic ice caves and Arctic ice flowers.
Grileglas covers the bottom of the globe, from Antarctica up to the southern tips of Africa and South America. Her Royal Castle Tingim is well hidden just west of Gough Island, a glistening retreat that's worlds away from everything.

Go Adventuring in Grileglas

  • Royal Mermaid: "Lucienne" (Light)
  • Royal Power: Heat Manipulation
  • Realm Colors: Ice Blue ,Aquamarine & Silver
  • Realm Symbol: Arctic Ice Flower
  • Realm Motto: "Beauty Within"
  • Sea Buddy: Albino Gentoo Penguin "Prince"
  • Realm Jewel: Aquamarine
  • Royal Castle: "Tingim" (Wonder)
  • Nation: Antarctica