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  • Enchantails Kelani Mermaid Kumi Tai Realm

Respect All Nature in Kumi Tai with Our Mermaid Book Series

Explore the indigo waters of Kumi Tai, the Polynesian realm of Royal Mermaid Kelani. Venture to extraordinary islands with unique treasures: giant tortoises in the Galapagos, fresh pineapples on Hawaii, and black sand beaches in French Polynesia.
Kumi Tai is a vast paradise, from the cool coast of Baja California to the tropical corals of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Play with cool spinner dolphins and friendly reef sharks - and visit Kelani's Royal Castle, found near the fabled statues of Easter Island.

Escape to Colorful Kumi Tai

  • Royal Mermaid: "Kelani" (Heavenly)
  • Sea Buddy: Maui Dolphin "Keiki"
  • Royal Power: Regeneration, Plant Manipulation
  • Realm Symbol: Orange Sea Star
  • Realm Motto: "Respect All"
  • Realm Colors: Sun-Kissed Orange, Neon Green
  • Realm Jewel: Blue Iris Pearl
  • Royal Castle: "Kahiko Ana" (Ancient Cave)
  • Nation: Polynesia/Hawaii