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  • Enchantails Tasi Mermaid Mariana Realm

Find the Lost Mariana with Mermaid Story Books & Sleeping Bags

Swim with Royal Mermaid Tasi through the treasure-filled waters of Mariana. Her realm stretches from the sparkling shores of Singapore and China to Malaysia and Indonesia. Mariana is a playground for beautiful seahorses, where the dazzling lights of bioluminescence twinkle like stars beneath the sea.
It's also the home of the Mariana Trench and Challenger Deep, the very deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. That's where you'll find Tasi's Royal Castle, a masterpiece crafted from the remnants of sunken ships.

Explore Enigmatic Mariana

  • Royal Mermaid: "Tasi" (Ocean)
  • Royal Power: Bioluminescence, Camouflage
  • Realm Colors: Electric Purple, Purple-Black, Gold
  • Realm Symbol: Compass
  • Realm Motto: "Find the Lost"
  • Sea Buddy: Tiger Tail Seahorse "Copper"
  • Realm Jewel: Alexandrite
  • Royal Castle: "Zhenzhu" (Pearl)
  • Nation: Singapore/China