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Enchanting Girls Mermaid Bedding

Hollywood special effects professional Mark Viniello and his wife Tristy created Enchantails, which began when Mark crafted a mermaid tail for Adam Sandler's hit movie Bedtime Stories. His eldest daughter wanted one too, so he made a mermaid tale sleeping bag for her - which was a bit hit with her sisters and friends. Mark kept making mermaid tails, and soon he and his wife had dreamed up an entire universe with 12 enchanted realms of merfolk and Royal Mermaid Daughters.

Sleeping Bags With Glow-in-the-Dark Magic

Wrap up in a spellbinding wonderland with our mermaid tail sleeping bags. Vibrant and pillow-soft, each satiny bag features cool glow-in-the-dark threading and a tail fin that's fashioned after a real sea creature. Machine washable, lightweight, and durable - our sleeping bags easily travel to sleepovers and play dates. Carry the whole fun bundle in your tote bag, including a pretty plush pillow, mermaid wall decals, and a Royal Mermaid storybook.

Exciting Royal Mermaid Adventure Books

Go on spirited journeys with the independent-minded Royal Mermaids. Each storybook explores an enchanted realm alongside a Royal Mermaid, each with her own personality, unique gifts, and special powers. Children will find their favorite Royal Mermaid and face new challenges together as they grow and learn. Our stories empower girls to accept how they have been made, embrace their talents, and understand that they have a special place in this world.

Products That Teach Kids About the Ocean

Kindle a fathoms-deep love of ocean life and environmental curiosity. Our pretend universe teaches children about their own natural world, blending real-life places in the ocean with global mermaid mythologies. Every Royal Mermaid's Sea Buddy best friend is an endangered animal, and together with the community they must protect their realms and save the ocean. Enchantails educates young girls about the environment through storytelling and creative play.