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Live the Fairytale Magic with Our Mermaid Story Books

Join Kelani on a quest to protect her island and her ocean world. Help Tasi save her family's castle from hot lava. Swim alongside Lucienne as she races seals with the Leopard Boy. Embark on page-turning adventures in the deep blue sea with Royal Mermaid Daughters who are growing up - and growing strong, and explore a deep fantasy underwater world of magic and awe.
Cheer for these independent-minded mermaids as they face down danger, stand up for their realms, and discover their true power. Each 5"x7" paperback is written at a 4th to 5th grade reading level and features 88-100 pages with illustrations.

Kelani's Secret Island

Kumi Tai Realm Book 1

Tasi and the Danger of the Deep

Mariana Realm Book 1

Lucienne and the Leopard Boy

Grileglas Realm Book 1

Enchantails 3 Book Set

Adventures of the Royal Mermaids