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Bundle the Fun: Mermaid Tails Sleeping Bag Sets

Feel the thrill of exploration and the wonder of make-believe in the world of Oceana. Team up with the Royal Mermaids and immerse yourself in the 12 realms with exciting storybooks and mermaid sleeping bags. Go on underwater escapades, make new friends with the merfolk, and protect the ocean environment. Play pretend and dream sweetly with our fanciful sleeping bag sets.
Each matching bundle includes a silky mermaid tail sleeping bag, gold-print pillow, wall decals/stickers, and an adventure storybook - plus a tote bag to carry it all. Take the fantasy with you to slumber parties, sleepovers, and play dates. Choose your favorite Royal Mermaid: Tasi, Lucienne, or Kelani. Learn about the wonders of the sea and kindle a lasting love of ocean life.