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  • Mermaid Sleeping Bag & Storybooks by Enchantails

About Enchantails- Sleeping Bags & Adventure Books with Mermaids

Enter a fantasy world of underwater escapades and friendly sea creatures with our colorful mermaid tail sleeping bags, pillows, and storybooks.

Discoverthe Magical Mermaid Realms

Explore enchanting worlds inspired by real-life places in the ocean, magical realms of fabulous beauty that are home to the Royal Mermaids.

Shop Enchantails Make-Believe Bundles

Inspire make-believe play and lasting ocean love with fun bundles of glow-in-the-dark sleeping bags, wall decals, tote bags, books, and shiny pillows.

Buy Enchantails Mermaid Books

Immerse yourself in the mermaids' undersea universe with empowering stories designed for 4th and 5th grade reading levels (ages 4 and up).