The Perfect Movies For Your Mermaid Sleepover

Every sleepover consists of delicious food, make believe games and some girl talk, but no sleepover is complete without a good selection of movies to pick from. Regardless of if the kiddos are settling down to watch a movie early on in the night or it’s put on right before falling asleep, movies are an absolute must. Even in the case that they don’t wind up watched, it’s always good to have a selection of movies to choose from. The couple of movies that we’ve included in the list below are all adventurous tales of women that are being challenged by the situation they wind up in, and we couldn’t help but offer selections that also included a touch of friendship. We promise all of these are perfect while they’re snuggled up in any of our childrens sleeping bags.

The Little Mermaid 

If your children are having a mermaid themed party, then it goes without saying that they are fans of anything that has to do with mermaids. The Little Mermaid is an animated, mermaid classic that tells the story of a young mermaid princess with an underlying desire to be human. While it seems the tables have turned in the instance of your girl’s sleepover, this is a tale that boasts of adventure, thrill, romance and hilarity. I can’t imagine a mermaid sleepover without this movie in the selection. If your mermaid guests are fans of the storyline, you’ll be thrilled to know there are two other movies that were created to carry the story on. Why not make it a marathon?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 

Friendship is forever, and as a girl you know this. Very few things can truly break the bond of a best friend, and at any sleepover you are celebrating the bond that has been created. A movie that truly shows off what friendship is capable of is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This fantastic movie tells the story of four friends that wind up going down separate paths during summer. The one thing that ties them all together is a pair of pants that somehow fit them all. This movie is a great example of what a strong friendship is capable of conquering. This movie is also part of a series and was created off of a series of books, so if your girls like reading, this is a good story they could also pick up in the form of a book.


If your kids love the tale of the Little Mermaid, then they are sure to love the story of Mulan. Another brave and adventurous girl takes on a leading role in order to protect her father from war. In this tale, the main character is challenged with various life or death situations and is pushed to become a stronger individual in just about every sense of the word. This is a great story for girls that are just beginning to learn that they are not tied to any certain future, and that they are entirely capable of achieving anything that they set their mind to. Aside from inspiring, this movie is also extremely funny and thrilling. If they become huge fans of Mulan, this movie was also given a sequel, so there’s an opportunity to add one more movie to the list.

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