Meet the Team Behind the Enchantails World

Enchantails was created from fairy dust, silver seashells, and the bubbles of ocean foam in a fantasy world that the air-breathers call Hollywood. Special effects pro Mark Viniello was making a mermaid tail for the Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Stories. His eldest daughter saw the dreamy tail and wanted one of her own.
Mark created a soft, silky sleeping bag with a colorful mermaid tail for her - which sparked an entire universe of ideas for him and his wife, Tristy. Inspired by global mermaid mythologies, playful marine animals, and the love of four little girls, the wondrous world of Enchantails was born.
Mark & Tristy Viniello, Creators of Enchantails


Enchantails is a magical mermaid universe created by the parents of four young daughters, Mark and Tristy Viniello. Mark is a highly successful, 20-year veteran in make-up special effects with A-list movie credits, including Where the WildThings Are and Jurassic Park III. Together the couple channeled their love of fantasy, entertainment, and creativity into the whimsical world of Enchantails. Mark and Tristy crafted the stories of Oceana so that children everywhere would fall in love with the ocean as they explore the 12 enchanted realms.