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Inspire Oceans of Imagination with the Most Magical Mermaid Sleeping Bag in the World!

The ultimate slumber party awaits with the world of Enchantails. Our silky and sparkly mermaid tail sleeping bags will open the portals of the imagination and immerse you in a whimsical wonderland under the sea. Glow-in-the-dark threading, glossy pillows, and wall decals add to the magic, while matching satin totes make it easy to travel between realms. The storybooks that accompany each mermaid tail design bring to life an entire underwater world of merfolk. Each book empowers children to care for the environment and embrace their unique talents as they relate to these charming mermaids and their courageous adventures.

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Whoever rolls up to a slumber party with a mermaid sleeping bag is hands-down a #slumberpartyqween

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My two girls each received two Enchantails sleeping bags from their grandmother. Let me just say this was the best gift that they ever received.


These mermaid sleeping bags are absolutely brilliant and gorgeous



Mermaid Tail Sleeping Bag Featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Thread comes with Easy Carry Tote, Decorator Pillow, Mermaid Wall Decals & Chapter Book!
Go on an adventure with a Royal Mermaid Daughter of Oceana. Meet The Enchantails Sea Buddies and Discover their Realms. Collect all 3!


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