KELANI is a Royal Daughter of the Kumi Tai Realm. She is adventurous and free-spirited, often taking risks and traveling farther than she should alone. She has a private island that no one knows about, except for her sea buddy, a Maui dolphin named Keiki. Her hobbies include gardening, exploring, and extreme surfing on the rogue waves of Pali Kai. Her favorite color is lime green, like waves glowing with bioluminescent algae. Her strength is her optimism, but her weakness is her love of a good thrill. And if she’s told something can’t be done, Kelani is the first to prove them wrong. Kelani never says “no” to a challenge, and throws too much caution to the wind, relying on her cleverness to get her out of sticky situations. She wants to be on the top of her game, but she is the middle kid, forever trying to outdo her siblings — all 10 of them.

KEIKI is an endangered Maui's dolphin, one of only 55 left in the world. Because she loves adventure and is extremely intelligent and protective, Keiki has become Kelani's "watchdog". They both love a good thrill. But when faced with danger, Keiki often proves to be the responsible one. Still, Kelani won’t let her forget that it was her quick thinking that once saved Keiki from becoming stranded on the sands of her secret island.

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