LUCIENNE is a Royal Daughter of the Grileglas Realm. She is quiet and shy towards other mermaids, but is gregarious and motherly with Prince, her sea buddy penguin. Lucienne prefers the company of animals and would take Prince's cheerful squawks over the catty idle chatter of her fellow merfolk any day. Her hobbies include star gazing, people watching and ice sculpting. So it’s no wonder that her favorite color is electric blue, the intensity with which ice glows when she heats it. Lucienne is scientific and studies everything around her. She is especially fascinated by people and is always spying on the human scientists who are stationed nearby. Curiosity is her strength, but it is also her greatest weakness. Her need to “know” outweighs her better judgement and often lands her in hot water with her dad — the King.

PRINCE is an albino Gentoo penguin. Rejected by his colony because of his white feathers, Prince and Lucienne bond when they both narrowly escape the jaws of a leopard seal. Prince reveals to Lucienne that he is cuddly and sweet, and she is charmed by his obsession with ice sliding. Like Lucienne, Prince is not afraid of the humans and often aids in her crazy schemes to spy on them.

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