TASI is a Royal Daughter of the Mariana Realm. She is quick-witted, independent and artistic. Though she enjoys designing, drawing and painting, her favorite hobby is “MASQing,” or quilting metals and scavenged objects together. She can fix anything. But when she does “fix” things, they often end up more elaborate than when she first found them. This is because Tasi sees beauty in everything, a talent that empowers her to turn regular objects into works of art. Tasi’s sea buddy is Copper, a tiger tail sea horse. Her favorite color is dark purple, the shade squid glow when they hunt. Tasi’s strength is her eye for beauty in the irregular. Her weakness is her inability to “keep her fins to herself.” She simply must "sparkle this up" and "fix that over there". This is why Tasi’s need to “help” others often gets her into trouble with most of the Mariana merfolk, who consider anything beyond functional a waste of time.

Copper is a rare tiger tail seahorse and Tasi’s artistic sidekick. A silent but faithful friend, Copper is an expert hunter and uses his skills to lead Tasi to the many treasures she utilizes in her creations. Copper wears special armor that Tasi designed to protect him from becoming a sea snake appetizer. Copper is always willing to add new gadgets to his armor, especially after that close call in Shipwreck Bay!

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