Creating A Mermaid Sanctuary In Your Home

Creating A Mermaid Sanctuary In Your Home

As a child, getting your own bedroom is something that means more than just about anything. This is a safe space that you’re able to decorate as you choose, and that means going wild by creating a place that you love going to. For your little mermaid, this may mean that you’re going to be creating a sanctuary that caters to all of her curiosities when it comes to what lies below the surface. If you’re stumped on how to make that happen, you’re in luck. The creative team behind the Enchantails stories and mermaid sleeping bags have a few ideas that you can definitely incorporate into her room.

Fishing Net

While the last thing a mermaid really needs is to get stuck in a fisherman’s net, they sure do make for some fun bedroom decorations. We’ve seen fishing nets used in a few different ways. All of our favorites included seashells that were either hot glued or strung on the netting so that they stayed in place. Aside from that, we’ve seen fishing net hung above beds with strings of light woven in. We’ve also seen them used as the picture perfect photo board, with clothes pins used to hold pictures up onto the net. Whichever way you choose to use fishing net, we are sure it’ll look amazing.

Seashells Everywhere

Seashells are all over the seashore, so we can only imagine how many there are under the surface of the ocean. While we may be left guessing, your little adventurer has a pretty crisp idea of the amount of seashells in the ocean, and she knows there are plenty. Incorporating as many seashells as you can into the design will not be a bad idea, and will only make her mermaid cove more realistic. Whether you’re stringing them along as a mobile, keeping them in glass vases throughout the room or you’re painting them on the walls for a fun pattern, the more seashells the merrier.

These fun ideas are only some of the ones that we’ve got up our sleeves and there are plenty more where they came from. Make sure that you check back soon for more fun ideas that you can incorporate into your little girl's mermaid cove without having to put too much effort in. You won’t regret trying some of these fun DIY decoration ideas to match your little girls mermaid sleeping bag.

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