The Perfect Time For A Mermaid Themed Sleepover

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best holidays when you’re a little kid. Not only do you get to stay up past your bedtime and go door to door and ask for candy, but you get to dress up as something that you love! As a parent, we all know how much fun this night is for children, and being able to see them have this much fun is something that we can all look forward to. One of the best ways to end this fun day, when the day of the week allows for it, is with a themed sleepover, and Enchantails sleeping bags allow for you to take on that task!

We’ve touched in our last couple of blogs about how fun themed sleepovers can be, especially for birthday parties, but on a night like Halloween, we can’t imagine a reason why you wouldn’t want to keep the fun rolling. When you think about it, this is the one night of the year where everyone is able to go out and be something entirely different, so it only makes sense that the role play continues.

If your children are out trick or treating, coming home to a mermaid themed sleepover party is something that you can entirely take them by surprise with. While they’re out trick or treating, you can start setting up the area where the party will take place. Here are a few things that you can start with so that when they come back home, they are immediately welcomed into a new world that feels like it truly is under water.

Set The Underwater Scene

The human world is entirely different from the world undersea. If you’ve ever seen the Little Mermaid or read any of our stories, then you know just how different these worlds really are. If you’re going to go all in with this party, then you need to set the scene. Add some green streamers to the room and you’ve got seaweed for your little ones to swim through. From there you can add blue balloons to act as bubbles.

Food Worthy of a Mermaid

After a night of trick or treating, you can guarantee that your kiddos will be hungry. Rather than let them dig into the pounds of candy that they just received, make sure that they have food sitting out and ready so that they don’t immediately resort to the candy. Since it will be later in the night, we figured some light snacks are all that they really need to make it through this party. Bowls of goldfish, sandwiches shaped like starfish and a colorful plate of fruit that matches that of the coral reef, will definitely keep them happy and only contribute to the overall feel of the mermaid cove.

Enchantails Sleeping Bags

The mermaid sleeping bags by Enchantails are the finishing touch to any mermaid themed sleepover. While they are the best part of any sleepover, they definitely make the whole experience everything that your kiddo wants it to be. It’s one thing to set up a scene, but another to really become a part of it. Lay out these fun mermaid sleeping bags in the middle of the room so that when your kids finally come home from trick-or-treating, they’re entirely ready to dive into character.

While you may not be equally as excited to stay up all night, and let’s face it, very few of us are actually able to, your kids will definitely appreciate all of the thought and hard work that went into planning this mermaid themed sleepover. Make sure to check out the mermaid sleeping bags that we carry so that you can stay on top of these types of sleepovers! Enchantails loves being a part of your child’s imaginative play!

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