Movies Entirely About Mermaids for Your Next Sleepover

If you’ve been following our current blog series, then you know we’ve been talking about movies that are perfect for your little one’s sleepover. We’ve primarily been focusing on movies in general that have been major hits at sleepovers, but our blog post today is for the girls that truly can’t get enough mermaid in their lives. The movies that we are going to cover in our blog post today are movies that are focused on the story of a mermaid, but are not the classic and well known Little Mermaid.

If your child does love mermaids, then adding some of these to their overall collection of mermaids may be something fun to do, just for the fact that it allows for them to develop their overall understanding and idea of a mermaid and creates an entirely new story from the well known stories and the fun Enchantails that come with their mermaid sleeping bag. Without further ado, here are our favorite mermaid themed movies.

The 13th Year

This is an older Disney Channel Original that was initially on the Disney Channel. While this movie never made its way to the big screen, that never stopped it from being one of the more well known, and well liked, Disney movies. Released in 1999, this movie tells the story of an adolescent boy who is on the swim team. On his 13th birthday, he begins to grow scales, breathe underwater and develop fins. Aside from that, he can totally talk to fish. This insane realization has main character Cody freaking out, but his friend quickly realizes what this development must mean; he’s a mermaid. This fun story is perfect for any age group and is endlessly entertaining.


Another fantastic movie that is centered around mermaids is the quirky movie known as Aquamarine. This movie follows the story of three girls all on the quest for something different. Two of the main characters, Emma Roberts and JoJo Levesque, discover that mermaids are in fact real when they meet the other leading lady, Sara Paxton. On a mission to prove to her father that love exists, Paxton recruits the others to help her win the affection of a boy in town. Between the sass, adventure and friendship that this movie dives into, you can count on any tween girls finding this movie to be incredible and likely develop into one of their favorites.


The last movie that we are going to focus on with a mermaid theme is Fishtales. This movie takes place on Spetses, a Greek Island. A professor in this movie has spent time and money focusing on love spells and knows that he’s nearly reached a breakthrough. Given a final chance he is driven to continue his work on this Greek island, and takes his 12 year old daughter with him. This young girl is on the hunt to find new love for her father, after the passing of her mother, and it’s in this search that she finds a beautiful mermaid. While this mermaid is the ideal candidate, it turns out that she is dealing with a cruel Captain that is on the hunt for her beautiful tail. This movie screams of adventure, love and change, but leaves everyone in smiles. This is another great movie to add to the watchlist for any mermaid themed parties and is a perfect match for when your little ones are in their sparkly and brightly colored mermaid sleeping bags.

Every Enchantails sleepover will be set with the help of our fun mermaid sleeping bags, but these movies truly are the icing on top. Make sure to keep up with our blog as we continue to dive into the world of adventurous mermaids and the world that they live in.

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