Must Have Movies For Every Sleepover Part 2

In our last blog post we covered a few of the movies that are perfect for girls sleepovers. Our suggestions covered titles like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Mulan and, of course, The Little Mermaid. The reason that we always suggest these movies for sleepovers is because any girl that can strongly relate to the life of a mermaid has a sense of adventure, curiosity and will have friends that are feel similarly. With a heart like that, we always suggest finding things that help these morals and curiosities thrive while still building strong friendships and making the most out of these traits. There are a few other movies that are perfect for any girls sleepover, and we’ve got a few more titles for you to add to your collection for the times that your children are snug in their cute sleeping bag.

The Parent Trap

This movie is one of the older Disney movies, but it has yet to fail in popularity for sleepovers. This movie tells the story of two girls who meet at camp and decide to switch places. Each of them living very different lifestyles learns more about who they are after switching places with the other. Aside from that, each kid learns more about their family and where they come from. The end drives two lives together, creating one giant family. A story about friendship, finding oneself and taking chances makes for a great sleepover movie night. The best part about this movie is that it never really gets old. Especially for girls that are between the ages of 8 and 12 and may be visiting summer camps that are fairly similar to the one mentioned in the movie.

What A Girl Wants

Another story that goes back a few years, What A Girl Wants stars Amanda Bynes. On a journey to learn more about her biological father, the leading lady winds up in a castle and in a lifestyle entirely different from the one she grew up knowing. Bynes learns to deal with a new wardrobe, a new group of people and entirely new expectations. What makes this story so great is her ability to show that the standard isn’t always the best way of going about things. Sometimes a fresh perspective and a wild personality can do more and be better. Aside from the challenges of staying true to yourself, this movie touches on the importance of family, friends and and adventure. Your children are sure to enjoy the comedic voice that this movie has.

The Princess Diaries

While we’re on the pathway of movies that tell the stories of girls that wind up in situations entirely different from the ones that they grew up in, we might as well touch on The Princess Diaries. This movie is entirely hilarious but serves provides us with another great story of a teenage girl that is challenged to stay true to who she is. Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, is a typical teenager in high school, except for the fact that nobody seems to realize she exists. That all changes when a long lost grandma comes to visit and informs Mia that she is actually a princess, and the next in line to be queen of Geneva. This winds up challenging friendships, relationships and an overall sense of self. Overall, this movie has it’s ups and downs, but is a great story for sleepovers nonetheless.

Having a good selection of movies is something that every parent should be prepared for, especially before a sleep over. If you are looking for movies that are entirely mermaid themed, make sure to keep an eye out for the next blog that is coming out, because that blog will touch on a few different movies that are all mermaid related, sleepover approved and not The Little Mermaid. Stay tuned, that blog should be out in the next couple of days and will be perfect for the nights that your children are wrapped up in their mermaid sleeping bags.

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