One of the most impressive features of a mermaid, aside from her glorious tail, is her hair.  If it’s not flowing freely in the water, it's often seen braided with pearls, kelp and flowers.  No wonder an intricate braid helps bring out your inner mermaid!  Here are tips on how to create braids that will make you feel like an Enchantails Royal Daughter.

As many already know, a braid is a hairstyle created by weaving two or more stands of hair together.  But mermaid braids are usually more unique, adding twists, extra strands of hair or ornaments.  And when it comes to the Enchantails Royal Daughters, their braids also reflect aspects their realm and their story.

The Royal Daughter Kelani is from the Polynesian realm of Kumi Tai.  She has a secret island, filled with exotic plants that she can grow with her special powers.  The island also has a hidden waterfall, where Kelani and her dolphin Sea Buddy, Keiki, can hide from danger.   For this reason, Kelani’s favorite braid is the Waterfall Braid.  This creative style braided on the crown of the head, allows strands to fall down along the way - just like a waterfall.  These strands can also be woven back into the braid at the end to create a special mermaid effect.  Take a look at these links for detailed instructions on how to create a classic waterfall braid: and If you want to try a more advanced version, you can follow these instructions:

The Royal Daughter Lucienne is from the Arctic realm of Grileglas.  She is a creative mermaid with short ice white hair, who loves to go on adventures with her penguin Sea Buddy, Prince.  Even though she doesn’t have the long hair typically worn by mermaids, she still finds a way to braid it.  Lucienne loves to wear a crown of ice flowers, which is why her favorite braid is the Crown Braid.   This braid achieves a royal look that is great for all hair lengths. or

The Royal Daughter Tasi is from the deepest realm in all of Oceana, Mariana, located in the Mariana Trench. Tasi is artistic and brave, and she uses her power of bioluminescence to protect her Sea Buddy, Copper, a tiger tail seahorse.  Tasi has long red hair that she often throws to the side over her shoulder.  For this reason, her favorite braid is the side Pull-Through Braid.  This braid is different because it puts the twisted hair on top, making it look full and impressive.   Here is a great tutorial on how to do one yourself: and here is a close-up of how it looks:

What’s exciting about braids is they look unique on each person - bringing out the special qualities of your hair and your personality.  As you experiment with your own styles, you take yourself one step closer to being a real princess of the sea.

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