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Enchantails Deluxe Sleeping Bag Sets & Story Books

Discover the enchanted realms of the spirited Royal Mermaids with our glow-in-the-dark sleeping bag sets and storybooks. Join Tasi, Lucienne, and Kelani as they go on new adventures, face challenges, and realize the power that lies within themselves. Explore the Enchantails mermaid universe with bundles that create an entire world of magic and fun.
Each vibrant mermaid tail Sleeping Bag comes in a matching set with a colorful plush pillow, an easy carry tote bag, mermaid wall decals, and a book about a Royal Mermaid. Learn about marine life, ocean geography, and how to protect the environment alongside the mermaids and their endangered animal Sea Buddies. Are you ready for an adventure?

Kelani's Secret Island

Kumi Tai Realm Book 1

Tasi and the Danger of the Deep

Mariana Realm Book 1

Lucienne and the Leopard Boy

Grileglas Realm Book 1

Enchantails 3 Book Set

Adventures of the Royal Mermaids